3 Ways to Banish the Post- Holiday Blues

The craziness that is the holidays is finally over and now back to the daily routine of 5-day work weeks. It can be hard to adjust after spending the past few weeks celebrating with family and friends, attending holiday parties, and, in 2015’s case, enjoying long weekends thanks to the holidays falling on Fridays.

How can you prevent the post-holiday blues from consuming you the first week back to work? There are few things you can do to ease the pain.

Set New Goals for this Quarter/ Half-Year/ Year. 

With the new year comes a feeling of a fresh start. Why not take this opportunity to write out some goals you have in your position based on last year’s performance. Identify a few key areas you can improve on and use this time to mark out a plan on how you can improve and what a successful improvement will look like. You can create goals both personally and with your co-workers that way everyone is on the same page working towards a common goal together.

Create a Health Initiative

Nothing says, “oh no the holidays!” quite like a pair of work pants that have gotten just a tad bit too tight. Most people tend to indulge during the holidays and diets and eating plans are often thrown out the window. Luckily new year’s resolutions are right around the corner. Did you know that one of the most common resolutions among adults¬†is to get fit or lose weight? Grab some of your work buddies and create a healthy workplace initiative. Go for lunchtime walks around the office building. Rotate bringing a “healthy” dish into work for people to try each week. You can even create a contest where the person who looses the most weight after an allotted period of time wins a prize! People are more prone to sticking to a diet and maintaining weight loss when they have others that hold them accountable.

Get Educated

There is always going to be new things you can learn in your industry. Now is a great opportunity to explore training and advanced education programs for your career to learn the latest industry techniques. Not only will this improve your skills, but also make you a more valuable employee. Speak to your supervisor to learn about your company’s current training programs.