Tips for Successfully Onboarding a New Hire

After a hiring a new employee, it’s the responsibility of the company to provide all tools necessary to encourage the success of new hire. Taking the proper steps for on-boarding a new hire can not only save time, but money down the road. What you do in the first 90 days of hiring your new employee can drastically effect your success rate with your new hire.

Use these tips to improve your new employee process, and, in turn, your overall hiring process.

  1. Make Sure the infrastructure is in place for your new hire. We hear this all the time. New hires spend their first few days at the job filling out paperwork, waiting to get their computer login information, waiting on their new email address and phone number direct line. What if all of these features were set up prior to the new hire’s first day. The time you’d save waiting for the tools can be applied towards learning systems and programs.
  2. Prepare an orientation plan. On the first day of work for a new employee, provide them with a company overall and how their position will help support the company’s main purpose. What will their first day look like? Their first week? Who will they meet with and what topics will they discuss?
  3. Introduce them to the team. If you haven’t already introduced the finalists for the position to the team members they would be working closely with, now is the perfect opportunity to introduce the new hire. Personally introduce the new employee to each person they will be working closely with. Schedule a team lunch so that not only does the new person feel welcome, but so the team members can get to know the employee better, as well.
  4. Define expectations. Before any official work begins, discuss the expectations you have for your new hire. Having a clear understanding of roles and job duties can help a new hire feel productive and on track.
  5. Check in with your hire throughout the first 90 days. Continue to check in with new hires on a regular basis to make sure the job fits their expectations and they are feeling more comfortable. Checking in consistently throughout the first 90 days will allow you to build a strong foundation of communication with your new hire.