A Hiring Manager’s Interview Pet Peeves

When applying for a new position, the last thing you want to do is annoy or offend your the hiring manager you are interviewing with. A recent study was conducted to find out what hiring managers found most ‘annoying’ with potential job candidates and here are the results.

Not Asking Questions

Sometimes it feels like the hiring manager loves to hear themselves talk, but that’s actually not the case! They want to know that you’re interested in learning more about the company and prefer you to ask questions. Something that annoys them: NOT inquiring about job expectations and company expectations.

Not Following Directions

It may sound a little “school days”, but one of the number one things that irk hiring managers is applicants not following directions. If they ask for no phone calls and only online submissions of resumes, do not call their office and ask for their direct line only to talk about wanting the position. Submit the resume like they ask you to. If you don’t follow simple directions in the beginning, they assume you won’t be likely to follow directions in other aspects of the job

Not Understanding the Company and/or the product.

It’s really easy to avoid this pet peeve with hiring managers – do your research! Make sure you have a good understanding of what the company you are applying to work for does and what they sell, whether it be a product or service. Why should they consider you if you can’t even put effort forward to learn about the company beforehand? Keep that in mind.

When You’re too Casual

Regardless of whether the company prides itself on have a relaxed, casual vibe and atmosphere, the interview process is not a time to be casual. You want to look professional and reliable, so when writing emails, always address your recipient and write a complete email with a greetings and sign-offs.