Working with us is simple. Our goal is to help you build a better life.

Working with us is simple. It’s meant to be. Our process has been designed to build a relationship, as it’s important for our team of professionals to get to know you. This ensures we find the right position where your skills will meet our clients’ needs.

The better we know you, the easier it is for us to match you to one of our clients!


The first step is to submit a job application via our online form. This application is the most important step (next to your current resume) in helping you find the right employment opportunity.

Available Jobs

Browse our list of available opportunities . Our team works hard to add all available jobs to our website, but it's still very important for you to call our office at least once a week to let us know you're still actively looking for a job, and to hear about the latest opportunities.

Getting a Job!

Our team will contact you by phone or email when a job opportunity is available. It's important that you make yourself available and return any missed calls or messages as soon as you can. Once you accept an offer, be sure to follow through with your obligations so you don't jeopardize your integrity and your ability to work with us.

Who Pays?

FirstOption's job placement services are completely free to job applicants! Our fees are paid by our clients. If you accept a Direct Hire position, you will be an employee of our client company and not FirstOption. Your new employer will pay your wages or salary.

When Do I Get Paid?

FirstOption pays employees one week in arrears, meaning that you will not get a check the first week you work for us. However, you will receive one every week thereafter as long as you work every week. FirstOption pays all temporary employees every Friday. Checks are available all day on Friday from 8am-5pm.

When Can the Client Hire Me?

Clients have the ability to hire a temporary employee after the employee has completed 520 regular working hours. This equates to around 13 weeks or 90 days, depending on how many hours a week you work.


All W-2s are processed and sent out by the Federal deadline of January 31st of each year.