5 Benefits Employees Are Actually Excited About

5 Benefits Employees Are Actually Excited About

There has been a lot of conversation in the past few years about what employees want in a job. Today’s employees want to make  a decent living but work life balance is almost as important and a nice paycheck. An impressive benefits package can be the difference between an offer being accepted or rejected. Here are 5 things to include in your benefits package to appeal to job seekers.

Work From Home

A lot of people will tell you that the most frustrating part of their day is their commute. Being able to telecommute is something more and more employees are excited about. If you are nervous about the shift, start slowly. Use this example to set up your trial system:

  • Break your company up into 4 sections sections and start a rotating schedule.
  • People in Section 1 get to work from home on the first Monday
  • People in Section 2 get to work from home the first Tuesday
  • People in Section 3 get to work from home on the second Wednesday
  • People in Section 4 get to work from home the second Thursday

Then the on the week the group rotates one day. Section 1 works home at home on Tuesday, Section 2 on Wednesday and so on.

Still on the fence about letting employees work from home? Consider this, when you work in an office where you lose vacation days for any time you aren’t in the office, you are more likely to come into the office sick and get your co workers sick. If employees know they can work from home without being penalized they are more likely to stay home and keep their co workers safe.

Health Living Program

An employee who lives a healthy lifestyle calls into work less from illness, has a better attitude because they feel good and is less likely to develop health problems. There are different ways to encourage employees to live healthy. Free gym onsite or gym fee reimbursement are very common. Employees often require employees to show proof of a certain amount of visits per month to be eligible for the reimbursement.

Other option is to make it more interactive and  competitive.You could also host a competition where people use there fitness bands to track who takes the most steps in a month. There are different ways to encourage and reward your employees for living a healthy life.


In offices around the world a box of donuts can bring a smile to many. While some larger companies provide full free meal service, you don’t have to. Just giving employee access to onsite restaurants are cafeterias can be of major appeal for a potential employee. Have special days or where the company provides breakfast or lunch is a small perk that makes employees feel taken care of and might be tax deductible for you.

Educational opportunities or Student Loan Reimbursement

Any successful person will tell you that education is important. Regardless of if it’s in the classroom, in a conference room or on the job things are constantly changing and having properly trained and educated people is very important. Sadly, training and education are costly. By providing reimbursement or opportunities for continued education your employees are more likely to participate in programs that will make them better at their job, which is great for the company as a whole.

Extended Holiday Breaks

Just as sick employees don’t want to use their vacation days on sick days, they don’t want to have to save them up for holidays where the competition to have that day off is probably pretty steep. One solution to have extended business breaks for holidays. Most non-retail companies see a slowdown during the holidays so you could close December 24th – to January 2nd and just require employees to be on call in case of emergency on days that aren’t officially holidays.

Swaying today’s job seeker is about more than money. Employees want to feel valued, taken care of and a part of the team. What are some non-traditional  benefits you offer employees or would like to see in your own employee benefit package.