We ensure that you get the right candidate for the job

FirstOption has a customized and ongoing hiring process that is based on a detailed customer evaluation as well as current market conditions.

This comprehensive recruiting, screening and testing process is to ensure that you get the right candidate for the job. We constantly seek to learn about the changing climate of each industry and how it affects employees within that industry. We monitor wage and benefit trends to help every client understand their current hiring environment.

The following is a five step process that can be customized to produce the right candidates.

Customer Evaluation

Define job requirements, customer expectations, work environment, corporate culture, and all screening criteria.

Finding People

To reach the right candidates you have to cast the right net so to speak. We have an integrated network of printed, digital, and social media outlets to cast that net. Not only do you need to advertise for candidates, you also have to deliver the right message, and we do this by building an effective job description to communicate the right expectations to job seekers.

Filtering Candidates

Using the Client evaluation we will screen candidates by work history, skill sets, testing, attitude, drug testing, criminal background checks, MVRs, and credit checks. Candidates will submit to us via online application, e-mailed resumes, and walk-ins.

Candidate Selection

After the FirstOption Evaluation we will submit a few Candidates that we find to meet the Client Expectations. We can then schedule interviews by phone, in-person, or in our office should you need a place to interview.

Performance Evaluation

Client and Employee expectations that are not met is the number one reason that the Employee/Client relationship fails. To help the success of all placements we facilitate Client and Employee communication early in the relationship to insure satisfaction on both sides.